Culinary [adjective]

Definition of Culinary:

able to be consumed

Synonyms of Culinary:

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Sentence/Example of Culinary:

In an excerpt from The Man Who Ate Too Much, the culinary icon returns to his hometown and begins to articulate his vision for American cuisineJames Beard looms large in the American culinary canon.

CucinaPro Animal mini waffles will inspire creativity and broaden the culinary experience of at-home chefs of any age.

Motivated by how quickly his skills had developed, he began to consider a career in food, and in 2010 he attended culinary school at the Art Institute in Seattle.

With the arrival of autumn comes a turn toward new culinary adventures — fall produce, warm foods, the inescapability of pumpkin spice, roasty pans of vegetables and meat that remind us of the colder weather coming up.

The world has changed and so has the thinking about culinary gatherings.

Then there will be shared roles that float to up to three sets at once, including a culinary lead, a kitchen manager, a kitchen porter and a production manager.

Pease are in common use on every table in March, and every kind of culinary vegetable is equally forward.

Corn, wheat and oats succeed well, together with melons and culinary vegetables of all descriptions.

Quin was not in the least interested in her culinary accomplishments.

Can we, as temperance women, use wine and cider for culinary purposes with consistency or safety?