Culling [verb]

Definition of Culling:

pick out for reason

Synonyms of Culling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Culling:

Sentence/Example of Culling:

Denmark’s government may not have the political backing it needs to move ahead with a mass cull of the country’s mink population.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said last week her government was in talks with the World Health Organization to figure out how to contain the outbreak, and suggested the WHO was on board with the proposed cull.

When the boatmen see it, they recognize it as the fleur de Rhône that the Anglore is so fond of culling.

Vann Larch, their nearest approach to an art specialist, took charge of culling the best from them.

He can never have done culling the evidence that it presents, or enjoying the promise which it yields.

Sir Culling Eardley was at that time zealous in the furtherance of village preaching.

Sir Culling Eardley and others, in private as well as public, promoted the interests of the Alliance.

An inquirer, while culling herbs, has had his thumb nipped by a scorpion.

Culling such passages as may strike us in our reading as worthy of wide circulation and preservation.

During this period she undergoes a preparation and purification for the fulfilment of her holy office—the culling of the flower.