Culm [noun]

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The men—the lime-burners—were not long gone, and the culm was still burning.

Anthracite or Culm is a kind of coal containing 90 per cent.

The sides and top are covered with culm or slack, and the heap is kindled from certain openings towards the circumference.

The Culm used to be a good river at Culmstock, tormented already by a factory, but not strangled as yet by a railroad.

How it is now the present writer does not know, and is afraid to ask, having heard of a vile "Culm Valley Line."

But Culm-stock bridge was a very pretty place to stand and contemplate the ways of trout; which is easier work than to catch them.

But flint is the staple of the broad Culm Valley, under good, well-pastured loam; and here are chalcedonies and agate stones.

There is a curious local custom of mixing “culm,” a compound of clay and small coal, in the streets.

They follow on a considerable scale as the culm of coal mines is economically burned and made to generate steam and drive dynamos.

Educated at the military schools of Culm and Berlin, he entered the Guards as 2nd lieutenant in 1827.