Culottes [noun]

Definition of Culottes:

ladies' garment that hangs from waist

Synonyms of Culottes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Culottes:

Sentence/Example of Culottes:

We should remodel the Government, and teach the sans culottes the hazard of trying the trade of politicians.

The assembly of the sans culottes appeared in Paris with their arms and colors.

During the following night the "Sans Culottes" quitted the French fleet.

It had come from the Sans Culottes, privateer, or because of damaged coffee fetched from he knew not where.

While the cassocked priests brandished the crucifix over him, furious sans-culottes simultaneously assaulted him with the pike.

The Sans-culottes commissioners were selecting their daily list of victims at random.

Talk of 'the excellent citizen,' 'the true patriots,' 'the good sans-culottes.'

One of these sans-culottes was bragging that he had killed eight Swiss with his own hand.

They would ride through two lines of sans culottes, all armed to the teeth, without the least injury.

The stranger posted after him with his night-cap on, and nearly sans culottes.