Culprits [noun]

Definition of Culprits:

person responsible for wrongdoing

Synonyms of Culprits:

Opposite/Antonyms of Culprits:


Sentence/Example of Culprits:

Next day, exactly at the hour of noon, the culprits tapped upon Kano's wooden gate.

Then, as a fitting finish to the work of the hour, the three culprits were hung on extended limbs of trees bordering the ruins.

But two problems hindered a quick solution; would these culprits leave the country if given a suspended sentence.

They permitted the culprits to lie on their backs or sit in a very uncomfortable position.

All was quiet and peaceable, says a local paper, and nothing heard but the moanings of the friends of the culprits.

Let that, as a voice of Rhadamanthus, speak upon the two culprits; and tell us what is to be done.

The culprits have the privilege of choosing their place of execution, and they generally fix on the market-place.

My two dogs crouched at my feet, looking as if they also were culprits and fully comprehended the tenor of his words.

The cadets were called to divisions, and the culprits, four or five in number, received then and there a good birching.

Rose, the deputy, went to the mayor and explained the affair to him; he obtained an order for the culprits arrest.