Cult [noun]

Definition of Cult:

group sharing belief

Synonyms of Cult:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cult:

Sentence/Example of Cult:

McDonald’s is also bringing back the cult favorite, the McRib, nationwide for the first time in eight years.

Earlier this summer, audio startup Clubhouse raised eyebrows when it banked a $100 million early valuation, and just a few months ago, Roam, a note-taking app with a cult following raised a seed round on $200 million.

Those units have sold for heavily inflated prices on eBay as the hard-to-access demo has achieved cult classic status among horror game fans.

Once FDR won, the cult of Eleanor was as wide as the Mississippi River.

Plus, Tyson is replacing federal inspectors with its own employees, and more news to start your dayMcDonald’s McRib sandwich has evolved into a cult obsession ever since its launch in 1981.

These days, the 1993 Disney movie Hocus Pocus is beloved by many as a Halloween cult classic.

Known for her powerful dissents on the court, she became a beloved cult figure, earning respect from people across the political spectrum and achieving near-rock-star status.

It can seem intimidating to an outsider like me — almost cult-like — but it comes from a place of personal experience.

In a series of lightning raids Port Adelaide police have arrested six teenagers who they claim are members of a sex cult.

Vice Squad detectives say the cult indulged in sex and drug parties.