Cultivable [adjective]

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Its cultivable area is not so large as Belgium, being under 10,000 sq. miles in extent.

Pasture land is scarcely known, and the cultivable areas are nearly all converted into bean and rice fields.

The valley of the Arno is rich and fertile, bordered by cultivable hills, which produce the famous Chianti wine.

To Gaul and to Britain they seem to have brought with them the idea that the cultivable land should be allotted in severalty.

The Rhone is charged with it, and tens of thousands of acres of cultivable land are formed by it above the Lake of Geneva.

Only a third of the cultivable area is put under cultivation, though the grasses are good and one acre can support a sheep.

It is difficult to estimate, except in the most approximate manner, the cultivable area of the Argentine.

About half the total area of the state is cultivable, but the bulk is forested.

Of the cultivable land 95 per cent of the surface had been releveled and 90 per cent had been plowed and was producing crops.

Proportionately to its area, Kilkenny has an exceptionally large cultivable area.