Cultivated [adjective]

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As there are still many varieties of the plant grown in America, so there doubtless was when cultivated by the Indians.

They cultivated a few plants around their wigwams, and cured a few pounds for their own use.

I know that in putting this before you I challenge some of the most popular affectations of cultivated people.

Lionel Wafer in his travels upon the Isthmus of Darien in 1699 saw the plant growing and cultivated by the natives.

One wonders why even some of the common British Ferns are not more generally cultivated in rooms.

The rightly cultivated expressive voice is the man—speaking.

It is not quite so level nor so perfectly cultivated as central Belgium, but is generally fertile and promises fairly.

A little later it began to be cultivated in Germany where it had already been used as a favorite luxury.

Nearly every acre I have seen is susceptible of cultivation, and of course either cultivated, built upon, or devoted to wood.

She was a woman of great intellectual endowment, with highly cultivated literary tastes.