Cultivating [verb]

Definition of Cultivating:

develop land for growing

Synonyms of Cultivating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cultivating:

Sentence/Example of Cultivating:

Fern cases were very much in vogue some years ago, and this is really a very delightful way of cultivating the plants.

But she was an exquisitely pretty and engaging little thing, a grand little pal, and worth cultivating.

She had a daughter who served her as a pretext for cultivating the society of young men of fashion.

In cultivating it the planters use no fertilizers whatever, taking up new land as the old wears out.

The Turk is very particular in cultivating it, as on its color depends in a great measure its value.

There is much to be done in the tobacco field besides cultivating and hoeing the plants.

Instead of cultivating long moustaches, like his ancestors, Neroweg VI.

I observed moreover a very striking difference between the system of cultivating the flax in England and in France.

Chopin was endowed with a considerable power of sarcasm, and was fond of cultivating and exercising it.

It was hardly possible that Thatcher was cultivating Pettit's acquaintance for sheer joy of his society.