Cultivators [noun]

Definition of Cultivators:

person who produces crops, raises animals

Synonyms of Cultivators:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cultivators:


Sentence/Example of Cultivators:

Elected officials voted 4-1 in support of a proposal that will lay the groundwork for dispensaries, cultivators, testing facilities and more.

Curio made a name for itself in Maryland, where it’s the largest cannabis cultivator by market share.

Leo was angry, and said nothing till the dawn broke, and the cultivator came to yoke the Bull to his work.

The cultivator who then owned him was much annoyed, for there was a field still unploughed.

The Girl went away to talk to the cultivator's wife and baby, and the afternoon ploughing began.

No other cultivator of the soil gains as many friends as the tobacco-grower.

If the cultivator has not caused corn or sesame to grow in the field, he shall not alter his bonds.

These locusts ate up all the scanty surplus which was left to the poor cultivator.

Of one other burden of the same species he relieved the cultivator.

However, the horse cultivator is certain to be definitely crowded out of some dwarf fruit gardens.