Cultural [adjective]

Definition of Cultural:

educational, enlightening

Opposite/Antonyms of Cultural:


Sentence/Example of Cultural:

It’s a campus novel set at Harvard in 1995, during the cultural moment when email was just becoming a thing.

It’s a political question, an ethical question, and a cultural question.

Over cultural evolutionary time, humans develop skills that are crucial for survival, but often difficult and time-consuming to learn.

According to childhood friend and cultural anthropologist Nutsa Batiashvili, going back to the small, tight-knit country “gives you a chance for whatever you’re doing to mean just a little bit more.”

Sex roles, Mead argued, came first, the product of a long and complex process of circumstance, cultural borrowing, change, and chance.

Understanding the wider cultural significance of Shonibare’s works is imperative to understanding how he aims to redefine Nigeria’s cultural and creative landscape.

This is due to cultural factors, like marrying young, as well as lack of education and access to contraceptives.

In 2015 he called the niqab “a tribal cultural practice where women are treated like property and not like human beings.”

They don’t allow our American cultural centers on their campuses.

I live amongst people that have grown up and emigrated, and so they come with very different cultural backgrounds.