Cultures [noun]

Definition of Cultures:

breeding, education, sophistication

Opposite/Antonyms of Cultures:

Sentence/Example of Cultures:

It is especially useful with cultures upon serum media, but is applicable also to the sputum.

We have two kinds of vaccines already, the cow-pox vaccine and the killed cultures of bacteria introduced by Wright.

One American house makes a laudable attempt at a more exact terminology by calling the killed cultures of bacteria bacterins.

If it has not got these, it must master and make use of other foreign cultures as a substitute.

Once in the milk, the bacteria multiplied rapidly, so that the milkman gave out cultures of typhoid in his milk bottles.

Existing institutions represent social movements that survived the conflict of cultures and the struggle for existence.

They are mostly isolated rural populations who have remained to a large extent outside of the cosmopolitan cultures of the cities.

And knowledge of our existence by very young cultures would certainly cause just that.

The tendency toward later dates for these cultures seems to be strong and increasing.

Denmark was already a meeting-place for a variety of cultures, thoughts, and influences.