Cumbrous [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Cumbrous:

They were resting on their cumbrous belongings, strange groups, unkempt and half dressed.

May not the construction be better taken as a simple, though to our ears cumbrous, inversion of, So I heard them not?

The drawer shuffled to the other windows and opened the shutters with a cumbrous slipping of bolts.

Its forms are too cumbrous for regularly recurring expressions, subjected at once to the laws of metre and rhyme.

Here and there about the yard, also, stand cumbrous cribs for fodder, at which two cows can feed at once.

The papers in the Aberdeen Magazine were not all of the sombre cumbrous kind.

At its mouth the Beechers kept their boat, a cumbrous craft, very heavy to row, but safe and suited to carry a family in comfort.

Such a lower jaw could hardly have been otherwise than cumbrous and inconvenient to the quadruped if he lived on land.

It is, however, somewhat cumbrous to work, and has no special value in regard to the general principles which govern boat-sailing.

These features greatly detracted from their seaworthiness, and made them unwieldy, cumbrous craft.