Cunningly [adverb]

Definition of Cunningly:

in a dexterous manner

Synonyms of Cunningly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cunningly:

Sentence/Example of Cunningly:

Edited with astute commentary by the club’s president, Martin Edwards, this substantial volume gathers 90 essays — both old and new — on the cunning and devious artistry employed by leading authors of crime, suspense and adventure fiction.

Finnegan was a cunning signing as a minor league free agent out of the Oakland system and didn’t allow a run in 21 of his 25 outings.

The soldier looked for a moment cunningly at the hunter, and then suddenly changed his tone.

There were hundreds of racks containing bundles so cunningly rolled that you could see at a glance what was in each.

I have nae clear mind about his coat,” said Alan cunningly; “but it sticks in my head that it was blue.

He grinned cunningly and reached into a pocket, drawing out a paper.

The wainscot cupboard I had so cunningly devised was swinging wide.

They very cunningly avoid the numerous snares laid for them by the Indians.

Its sides were formed sometimes of shored planking set on end, but more often of withes cunningly wattled together.

Under this Blackcross dug a home with many entrances, all of them cunningly concealed by the overhanging hay.