Cunningness [noun]

Definition of Cunningness:

ploy, scheme, maneuver

Synonyms of Cunningness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cunningness:

Sentence/Example of Cunningness:

How Pemberton and Candler pulled this off is a mixture of invention, capitalism and hard work, served with an ounce of cunning — and just a few milligrams of cocaine.

His was a corporation that in its ruthless ability to crush rivals was cunning but patient, always willing to undercut profits today in the service of riches tomorrow.

Before the bishop spoke agin you could see his craziness and his cunningness both working in his face.

Masters may be more cunning than slaves, but cunningness is not an evidence of a high order of intellectual power.

Field went away rather impressed by the cunningness of the dodge.

Among the wounded was the celebrated chief, Cappayoho, noted among all tribes for his great daring and cunningness in battle.

Revolving this in his mind, Ned saw the cunningness of the two men's movements, if they had actually escaped from Joliet.

At any rate we had no other man to come near him in any cunningness.

It caused about as much excitement as had the failure of the bank because of its cunningness.

There was a fine cunningness about those forgotten builders who set up this royal pyramid.