Cupfuls [noun]

Definition of Cupfuls:

container for drinking

Synonyms of Cupfuls:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cupfuls:


Sentence/Example of Cupfuls:

She poured out another cupful, and began to drink it without putting in milk or sugar.

Then Jess cut a wonderful m while Violet sewed the primer down the back, and gathered a cupful of blackberries.

Several steamers passed us during the trials, and these were shipping tons of water, while we did not take a cupful.

Pouring out a scant cupful of water into his hat, Average Jones handed it over.

There is a cupful of porridge also with the coffee, paid for by deduction from our pay, so that one starts in good fettle.

At Hankow the supply was so adulterated that a friend of mine actually found a small live fish in his morning cupful.

You chop the meat till you have a cupful; or, if there is less, measure everything else in the same proportion.

This still left them twenty light-years from Thetis, with a cupful of transformer fuel in the emergency tank.

Does that make very strong soup—does it give a very good rich flavor of the meat, with one cupful of meat to a gallon of water?

Use about half a cupful of water, adding it gradually, and stirring until the burnt sugar is dissolved.