Cupola [noun]

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The cupola rears its proud head majestically above the pile of stone and marble.

The roof is topped by a plain cupola in the center with two huge chimneys on either side.

His principal work is seen in the frescoes of the cupola at San Sigismondo, at Cremona.

The exterior walls are made of imitation malachite; the roof is a sky-blue cupola spangled with gilt stars.

It is near the western edge of the village of Greenough, the gilt cupola of whose eminent steeple is noted by far-passing ships.

The boats were shifted and recovered, cupola taken off the cabin, and the whole look of the ship altered in mid-sea.

The interest of this building consists in the mosaics of its cupola.

It also contains the roughly constructed Koubba of the Sheik Ghebara, with a pyramidical cupola coated with clay.

The interior of the Koubba is cupola-shaped, and it contains a tomb covered with green cloth stretched over a wooden frame.

He took the skipper into the shack where the lights in the cupola were still burning broad and yellow.