Cupped [adjective]

Definition of Cupped:

curved, depressed

Synonyms of Cupped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cupped:

Sentence/Example of Cupped:

Despite the speed of his dive, they were gaining on him, coming up fast; one snout that ended in a cupped depression was plain.

One week later he decided that he should have cupped his hands and shouted, "You hypotenuse hussy!"

In his left hand he held them, and the coins brimmed his cupped palm.

A pair of arms crept round my neck, and slim white fingers cupped my chin.

Another example of this kind, which occurs more frequently in practice, is a cupped ring such as shown in Figure 129.

Before anyone saw me, I cupped my hand, and fired the gas tank of the nearest police cruiser.

For added proof of this affliction he held a lean and slightly tremulous hand cupped behind his ear.

Then Newt cupped both hands at his lips, and let out the mountain yell, a yell which had grown famous in Luzon.

He watched her digest the idea, sitting up on the hay, her chin cupped in her two hands, straws in her hair.

The prisoner nursed his chin in his cupped hands and stared unseeingly at the distempered walls.