Cur [noun]

Definition of Cur:

rotten, lowly animate being

Synonyms of Cur:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cur:


Sentence/Example of Cur:

Not exactly, except that I heard my stepfather denounce the doctor as an infernal cur and blackguard.

He never resented alleged satire—perhaps he couldn't see it—and therefore he got the name of being a cur.

Within this deep shadow, Virtue is slaughtered and Genius treated like an unwelcome cur.

"I guess that's the best rabbit dog anywhere around here," he said, as a flea-bitten cur trotted past.

Red Ben went back on us, may the fiends take the redskin cur!

Then after supper there's heaps an' heaps o' cur'osities for you to look at.

Far from disapproving of these recreations, the cur partook of them and travestied himself with the rest.

I said, as I came up behind them—incidentally kicking away a large cur which had come for me open-mouthed.

Billy and I were not any brighter than many a miserable cur that skulked about the streets of Fairport.

The hounds soon abandoned their inanimate victim, and its sinewy limbs relaxing, the devoted cur rolled out a lifeless body.