Curative [adjective]

Definition of Curative:

healing, health-giving

Synonyms of Curative:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curative:

Sentence/Example of Curative:

In his 2019 essay on The Healing Power of Gardens, the late neurologist Oliver Sacks tried to grasp the mysterious curative effects of nature on the human body.

The Boston Globe, however, concluded that the serum “is believed to be preventative as well as curative,” suggesting that this measure could decrease the number of cases and deaths, thus bringing the epidemic under control.

Mathematical models predict they could cut transmission by 80 percent or more, long before curative therapies or safe and effective vaccines become available.

Frret's were preventive, Holbach's curative, but appear to be rather strong dose for a dvote.

Saliva, like tears, had creative and therefore curative qualities; it also expelled and injured demons and brought good luck.

The defendant had agreed to send for the curative charm to a wise woman in the mountains.

This was a curative act, authorizing elections and prescribing methods of registration.

An interesting Cherokee myth is that which recounts the origin of disease, and the consequent institution of curative medicine.

There are several warm medicinal springs here, which have a considerable reputation for their curative properties.

They, no doubt, are now blessing that Western Editor for inserting this gratuitous tribute to their curative skill.