Curbing [verb]

Definition of Curbing:

repress, restrict

Synonyms of Curbing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curbing:

Sentence/Example of Curbing:

This fable is only one among many others that were narrated with a view to curbing the propensities of blaspheming swearers.

She learned to imitate Charley, in curbing his impetuosity; and he chafed less at her soft touch upon the rein.

From that moment the ducal power gained strength in Brittany and succeeded in curbing the feudal nobles.

“You are not speaking the truth,” Mr. Blatherwick continued, curbing himself with an effort.

His mind was even now working rapidly in the effort to devise some permanent means of curbing Newt's sinister activities.

Curbing his impatience, he again looked out upon the area, and awaited the result in silence.

Similar lines of resistance, half curbing the out-pressing vitalities, govern the branching of rivers and of nations.

In the strong irritation which he was curbing he felt as if he would never want to eat again.

So I tried to hide just below the curbing of the well; but the brake wasn't set, and I went down with the bucket.

Perk hissed this one word even as he ducked down behind the well curbing at sight of the figure in the doorway.