Curdling [noun]

Definition of Curdling:

blockage, mass of coagulation

Synonyms of Curdling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curdling:

Sentence/Example of Curdling:

But they were met by the main body of guerrillas and all came charging with blood curdling yells.

Doubtless the captain reported on his arrival home a blood-curdling story of his encounter with pirates off the coast of Cuba.

Surely no wilder phantasy, no more outrageous, blood-curdling nightmare ever entered the most disordered brain.

Roused from sound slumbers by blood-curdling Indian war whoops, a few escaped, but only to die of cold on their way to Albany.

It came quickly, mingled with a blood-curdling yell from a hundred or more savage throats.

To me it sounded blood-curdling, and a curious sensation ran through me, as if the blood was chilling in my veins.

The ruffian was swinging his weapon, and uttering the most blood-curdling oaths and threats ever heard against the "Mormons."

There rose through roof and rafters, curdling her very blood, a shrill and piercing shriek.

We watched it in curdling horror as it stooped, then reached down and cut the thongs which held first one wrist then the other.

They talked appalling nonsense to each other with a delicious sentiment of its awful blood-curdling character.