Curios [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Curios:

There must be at least twenty-five dollars' worth of pure gold in that slug if there's a penny—let alone its curio value.

But what was my amazement, as the light fell upon the face of him who bore it, to see not Curio but Isaac.

There is much haggling over the price of a curio, and but little chance of a bargain.

Then her lantern sought out a curio cabinet, of glass sides and gilded frame, standing in a corner.

As he passed the drawing-room door he saw Kate bending in front of the open curio cabinet.

The curio-dealer dined early—he was always hungry when he came back from town—and dinner was announced at seven o'clock.

Wants to look over his nearest jay neighbor, I should imagine, and see what sort of a curio he is.

Petticoat summoned a lackey and two minions and sent them to his curio room to fetch the plates.

Curio became security for all this, and when his father heard of it he banished Antonius from the house.

They elected a priest, curio, who was the chief officer of the fraternity.