Curious [adjective]

Definition of Curious:

desiring knowledge, understanding

Synonyms of Curious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curious:

Sentence/Example of Curious:

It can give you an insight into what people are searching for, interested in, and curious about.

Instead, I’m curious how we can have so many different seed data signals in the same year.

Although Rachel is curious about Miriam’s spiritual life, especially jealous of the ease Miriam and her family share, it is more in physical ways that they connect.

Rivas recalls walking into the venue in Buenos Aires and being greeted by a massive — and curious — crowd of several thousand.

Shultz was a policy maven, conservative but curious, patient and determined.

That source would not say how many customers Yahoo Sports has sent to BetMGM overall, but the number is expected to grow significantly this weekend, as betting-curious people try their luck betting on the Super Bowl.

When stopped in traffic, the Mach-E garnered more curious questions—from other drivers, as well as pedestrians—than did the Polaris Slingshot.

Many were just curious, some were invested themselves, and a handful were just trying to keep up with their underage children’s new day-trading interests.

I’m curious what role you think the media should play in this.

Each day of the trial thousands of curious stormed the small court room where the trial was conducted.