Curlicues [noun]

Definition of Curlicues:

curled shape

Synonyms of Curlicues:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curlicues:


Sentence/Example of Curlicues:

His face and hands were spare and lean, but his uniform was immaculate, covered with every curlicue the regulations allowed.

The guns boom, and soon a little curlicue of light is seen curving through the air.

Lola's color scheme is right, and I've got everything else down to the last curlicue of chrome.

One somewhat distinctive feature is found here, namely, the very frequent use of the curlicue or roll as an ornamental feature.

A minute afterward, a delicious curlicue cake was ready for a customer.

Eventually old Clay Kittredge died, and the son chopped the "Jr." curlicue from the end of his name and began a new rgime.

I am called Curlicue, and am an object of derision; I entreat you to make me less ridiculous.'