Curmudgeons [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Curmudgeons:

Any scruples that he ever had on that score he had removed for himself by realizing that she was a curmudgeon.

There was the surly old curmudgeon in whom the author vents his spleen, and who draws up eccentric wills.

She was too happy to think that other people might consider Uncle Pinker a mean old curmudgeon.

Ash copied the word into his dictionary in this manner: "Curmudgeon: from the French cœur unknown; and méchant, a correspondent."

Johnson, while composing his Dictionary, sent a note to the Gentleman's Magazine to inquire the etymology of the word curmudgeon.

He was as unsociable, hoggish an old curmudgeon as ever rode a stout hack.

The old curmudgeon had gone, but the garden gate was again a-swing.

Not so bold, however, as the badger and not so much of a curmudgeon.

"You're the grumpiest old curmudgeon I ever knew," said Gordon, interrupting my cogitations.

"You're the dullest old curmudgeon ever permitted to come into polite society," he declared, looking aggrieved.