Currently [adverb]

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The AOS is currently determining how to approach the concerns raised by the Bird Names for Birds campaign.

Rae is currently working on the pilot while also serving as executive producer of the series under her media company, Hoorae, alongside Montrel McKay.

Pannell currently serves as executive director for the Anacostia Coordinating Council, a Ward 8 community advocacy organization.

Even without the lawsuit, or others like it, there are plenty of problems with how things currently work.

“The thing advertisers are gaining is a match type solution that better mimics how match types currently work,” Kirk Williams, owner of ZATO Marketing, told us.

Google Ads currently offers five Smart Bidding options — here is how each one can improve your PPC advertising.

In late 1969, Fred Hampton issued a call to defund the police, if in different terms than those currently in use.

For example, senior minimum salaries will grow to $125,875 in 2027 — it’s currently $81,375 — and roster spending will increase 41 percent over six years.

They’re only available for local pickup in Los Angeles and tend to sell out fast — currently, the week of Christmas is not available, but she does tend to have extras that pop up on her Instagram account.

BDG currently has a total subscriber list of 2 million across 14 newsletters.