Curried [noun]

Definition of Curried:

food seasoning

Synonyms of Curried:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curried:


Sentence/Example of Curried:

A-course, Mrs. Bridger got a nice little pile of money fer it, and paid Curry the balance she owed him.

All the dishes, with the exception of the curry, are prepared after the English fashion, although the cooks are Chinese.

They all had immense plates of rice, and little bowls full of curry; a few pieces of dried fish supplied the place of bread.

He wished to capture the Greek girl, that he might curry favour with the Pasha Ibrahim by presenting her to him.

He is stomach-plagued and old, And his curry soups will make thy cheek the colour of his gold.

His rice is not cooked with milk but with water, and is eaten with a little curry made of fish or vegetables to give it flavour.

Gradually the curry was forgotten as he listened to the story of Harry's victory.

"He can't be expected to stay at home just to look after your curry," Iver suggested.

As soon as ever Edge comes back, I shall draw his attention to the curry.

Come on, old stager; you look as if you wanted a curry-comb and a feed pretty bad, said Pringle, as he untied Balties halter.