Currish [adjective]

Definition of Currish:

despicable, shameful

Synonyms of Currish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Currish:

Sentence/Example of Currish:

It was a currish image, suggestive of the choicest satisfaction.

He was a cur, and denied the accusation in a currish manner, hardly intended to create belief.

Our ears are first assailed by a few shrill, currish barks at intervals, like the outpost firing of skirmishing parties.

Mastin, a mastiue or bandog; a great country curre; also a rude, filthie, currish or cruell fellow.

The simile, though a currish one, will hold good in its application to the human race.

"Of a dog; currish," is the definition which we get from Johnson,—quite correctly, and in accordance with its etymology.

If Osa looked from yonder mountain scarp, Would she descend to lead such currish hearts To liberty?

England owed all its great men to Ireland and was currish enough never to acknowledge the debt.

At the manor-house steps he found at last sufficient grace to say: "It was a currish thing to do; will you forgive me, Ardea?"

The last sort of dogs consisteth of the currish kind meet for many toys, of which the whappet or prick-eared cur is one.