Curses [noun]

Definition of Curses:

hateful, swearing remark

Opposite/Antonyms of Curses:

Sentence/Example of Curses:

But all of this is in contradiction to the curses of Jahveh on the serpent, and on those to whom the serpent brought wisdom.

He heard men speak his name in tones of kindness, whose lips on the morrow would deal out curses.

Curses light upon your head, and black death upon your heart, you imp!

The men of his company, roaring curses at the Frenchmen, prepare to receive and repel a thundering charge of French cuirassiers.

He also invokes blessing on those who should preserve and respect his monument, and curses those who should injure or remove it.

Muttering curses, and swaying uncertainly on his feet, Talpers seized his hat and rushed from the house.

But there are days when the curses of all the fools mount to one's brain, and then one implores one's old friend, Sainte-Beuve.

It checked the curses on the other's thick lips; it froze Harkness to a rigid statue in the darkness of his little room.

Then, as the curses and ribaldry died away, he emerged slowly as from beneath a stupefying load.

From the benches came countless curses and jeers—Frankish and Arabic; he heeded none.