Cursing [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Cursing:

With each death, the idea of a mummy’s curse became more convincing.

I find myself … and I’m not a big curser, but I find myself dropping curse words every interview.

The chapter “How to win a penalty shoot-out” does not mention Chastain but relays how England’s men’s soccer team overcame its penalty-kick curse.

He is pinching the front of his Wizards jersey and remixing curse words to express joy.

This way, no matter how old your house is, how thick the walls are, or how far away your office is from the modem, you’ll get perfect Wi-Fi coverage across your entire home, and you’ll never mutter curses to the Wi-Fi gods under your breath again.

Then her face was turned from me, and down I had come, clattering to common earth, cursing because I had hurt myself.

Lamb was cursing when he spotted Engel on the sidewalk, coming back across town.

Bud reminded her that she had not done any cursing at the time, being in his opinion too busy roping him in to support her.

But he had stood by the rail staring north, and cursing himself for having placed her in danger during the entire crossing.

The crowd slunk back, cursing and threatening under breath; but no man wished to come to an issue with his betters.