Curtailing [verb]

Definition of Curtailing:

cut short; abridge

Synonyms of Curtailing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curtailing:

Sentence/Example of Curtailing:

Mahmoud was bent on depriving them of their wealth and curtailing their privileges.

There has been talk of curtailing your liberty to some extent.

You don't know the first thing about curtailing your desires, and he means to teach you.

Pal, too, seemed much bewildered at the sudden curtailing of his playmate's liberty.

No further patching of the Constitution of the country, nor curtailing the independence of the Supreme Court.

The object was to lessen expenses by curtailing the number of public institutions.

At both Hague Conferences all the powers were seemingly in favor of curtailing expenditures for armaments.

Reducing forces for the sake of curtailing production and raising prices is what does the mischief.

Lack of education and social and political stability necessitates the curtailing of woman's social privileges, for her own safety.

The price was sometimes a hundred roubles for a single mouser, and by curtailing the supply the Manjours kept the market good.