Curtness [noun]

Definition of Curtness:

shortness, briefness

Synonyms of Curtness:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curtness:

Sentence/Example of Curtness:

Both men curtly acknowledged Barrington's greeting, hardly conscious of the curtness maybe.

Stephen was made of much finer stuff than Bob, but he had not the latter's graceful humor and his curtness jarred.

The command came when it was needed, for Hetty was almost dismayed, and its curtness was bracing.

Amory supposed that it must be something in that close and grey-looking oblong that was at the bottom of his imperious curtness.

I returned his nod with a curtness I was at no pains to dissemble.

Though she herself was at fault, the curtness of his message aroused her irritation.

"Obliged to you, Hardy," he said; and only the addition of the name saved it from curtness.

A voice behind them spoke with a kind of steely curtness, "Stand up, and let me see who you are!"

"A lady to see you, sir," Paddy Rouse announced with military curtness, saluting.

"Go on," Jarvis commanded with that impatient curtness that is the best assurance of interest.