Curtseying [verb]

Definition of Curtseying:

get down on one's knees

Synonyms of Curtseying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curtseying:


Sentence/Example of Curtseying:

"Very bad news indeed, sir," said Mrs. Parker, curtseying again.

I had one pink cup, on the side of which was—or is—the picture of a shepherdess curtseying to a shepherd.

My mother and sister saw us off at Euston, with old Sims curtseying in the background and Chitty saluting in military fashion.

There they found the ladies and gentlemen-in-waiting drawn up in curtseying and bowing ranks.

Mon. (curtseying) Sweet sir, down to the very ground I return your gallantry.

My lady stopped him, curtseying low from the far end of the hall, and keeping her children at her back.

In this little England of ours, who could fancy two stout men curtseying to each other?

The lychgate of a field showed Father Conmee breadths of cabbages, curtseying to him with ample underleaves.

Mrs. Bread dropped her wrinkled eyelids as if she were curtseying; but the curtsey stopped there; the occasion was too grave.

"Thank you," we echoed, all curtseying; though really I haven't the least idea what we were thanking him for!