Curvatures [noun]

Definition of Curvatures:

rounded part of thing, usually body part

Synonyms of Curvatures:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curvatures:


Sentence/Example of Curvatures:

Each finger is lightly articulated, with a curvature that resembles my fingers in their relaxed state.

Objects warp the fabric of spacetime like a weight resting on a trampoline, and the fabric’s curvature guides their movements.

Some companies are offering a lens with an exaggerated curvature lens which distorts reality slightly in the favor of your wide view.

The smaller the screen, the less effective the curvature can be.

They’re great at that, especially if they account for the curvature of the Earth with a proper projection that doesn’t stretch out the northern states.

On the left-hand side you have what’s called the metric tensor, which describes the curvature of space-time.

The expansion straightened out any large-scale curvature, leading to a geometry that we now describe as flat.

The place had a curvature like that of the seats in a theatre.

On the other hand, the curvature of the seas is a no less certain proof.

This curvature, unlike the lateral curvature, is a sequela of an actual disease of the bones.