Curved [adjective]

Definition of Curved:

bowed, bent

Synonyms of Curved:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curved:

Sentence/Example of Curved:

You know, instead of you, you know, really easy decisions, they move on to misinformation and really vague things and evaluating dangerous groups and that sort of moving people up the difficulty curve is, is also improving things.

We have served as a model for bending the curve of infections through rigorous infection-control practices.

La Russa went on to win one World Series title with the Oakland Athletics and two with the Cardinals, gaining a reputation for being ahead of the curve in strategic deployments such as bullpen specialization.

In Indonesia, we do like the intermediate part of the curve so maybe toward the 10-year.

Though he had his best season in three years according to WAR per 162 games, Kershaw will be 33 next season, an area of the aging curve in which pitchers typically see their strikeouts drop and their FIPs rise.

I get the sense that in the same way that civil rights organizations were behind the industry in terms of understanding how algorithmic systems work, many of our policymakers are behind the curve.

Keep your chest and head up, allowing your spine to settle into a slight curve.

Do them early and do them well and stack them up to win…Nothing like a crisis to have your steepest learning curve.

As a creator, they capture the value from selling on a price curve as well as getting a take on trading fees from the market which they now own.

If you click on a smile curve, that could be interesting… a smile doesn’t necessarily mean always that you’re enjoying something, but here we know the context, we know this a humorous ad, and we can see from your curve that you were smiling a lot.