Curvilinear [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Curvilinear:

In each bay of the Triforium there are three arches with curvilinear tracery.

There are the degrees of direction of line, curvilinear or angular.

The same principle is true of designs upon the curvilinear plan.

The rifflers of sculptors and a few other files are curvilinear in their central line.

A wing added in the seventeenth century, with quaint curvilinear gable, projects into the garden behind.

The curvilinear groove h h, sunk in each face or side of the carriage, has the depth shown in the section at h.

It affords an example, on a magnificent scale, of the curvilinear motion, which you taught us in mechanics.

These experiments led to the study of the curvilinear motions of a weight suspended by a cord; in other words, of the pendulum.

As they are curvilinear forms, their design is similar in many ways to clay forms of similar proportions and uses.

Such variables as u, v are then described as “curvilinear coordinates” of the point.