Curving [adjective]

Definition of Curving:

not straight

Synonyms of Curving:

Opposite/Antonyms of Curving:

Sentence/Example of Curving:

The national curve of new cases is far from flat — mostly turning vertical, she noted — and the Washington region is “unfortunately catching up with other states.”

Eventually he and the mathematician Zsolt Lángi devised a new conjecture that sketched out the curve of all possible three-dimensional mosaics like this.

So in other words, you’re obviously doing a lot, you’re doing a lot more than you were and you, and you’re still, by that count way behind the curve.

Once you begin to carry a spear gun, an experienced dive partner and mentor will shorten the learning curve and help ensure a safe dive.

Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity separately describes gravity as curves in the space-time fabric.

You’ll remember that earlier this year, Americans became familiar with the concept of “flattening the curve.”

Their big hope is that these latest measures flatten the curve in time for what’s usually a busy Christmas season.

Virginia is well behind Maryland on this curve, but it moved ahead Tuesday, as Bristol, Danville, Norfolk and Portsmouth all endorsed casinos in referendums.

What should be of little surprise is how many battleground states—Nevada, Pennsylvania and Michigan, to name three—are still behind the V-shaped curve.

Lois Martin, who runs the Community Day Center for Children in Seattle, said the learning curve has been steep for her staff since most of her families returned to the day care.