Cushioned [verb]

Definition of Cushioned:

pad, protect from blow

Synonyms of Cushioned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cushioned:

Sentence/Example of Cushioned:

She moved, and sat straight up, putting her hands on the broad cushioned arms of the chair.

Among them Mrs. Cecil, with a sudden realization of her eighty years of cushioned ease and her one hour of sitting on a board.

In her dim, cushioned corner Mollie Gretna lay back against the wall, her face pale and her weak mouth foolishly agape.

As they sat in their cushioned seats, carelessly talking to one another, they all seemed happy and contented.

There was a huge armchair deeply cushioned before the fire, the back toward the doorway.

It had cushioned seats all round, a rustic table at one side, and stained glass, tiny-paned windows.

All was as still as the grave; the roar of the busy city-life deadened by the heavy atmosphere and cushioned earth.

In the sitting-room, the old mother greeted her from her high-backed, cushioned rocking-chair.

It is Norman, ornamented with a simply executed but very pleasing zigzag: the capitals of the piers are cushioned.

He could see young Robert waving fat arms out of the cushioned depths of his carriage.