Cushiony [adjective]

Definition of Cushiony:

cushioned, squishy

Synonyms of Cushiony:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cushiony:

Sentence/Example of Cushiony:

"Come and sit by me, lovely doll," said Mrs. Bal, pulling the girl down beside her on the most cushiony and comfortable sofa.

She was so weak and ill that she was glad to sink into a cushiony chair placed for her in the sunniest corner of the sunny room.

Trent opened the case, and, lifting the violin from is cushiony bed of padded satin, fingered it caressingly.

It was terrible, as if one's very body, shoulders and arms, were upholstered and made cushiony.

She piled her cushiony hands on the end of the broom-handle, and stood still, gazing absently at the approaching team.

Again the speaker's cushiony fist gave Ben's arm an emphatic nudge.

The merchant was a bow-legged character, with a flat and cushiony nose, like the last new strawberry.

Gladstone, who was a very surly and irritable person, declared that his wife had made his life "cushiony."

They climbed up rocky slopes, on which the short gray moss grew, cushiony.

He drew me into the room, and the little lady pulled me down beside her on the wide, cushiony lounge.