Cuss [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cuss:

I don't blame him for killin' the cuss, not a bit; I'd have shot any man livin' that 'ad taken a good horse o' mine up that trail.

I did think uh tryin' t' get off with their hosses, but I figured it wouldn't pay with that sharp-eared cuss on the watch.

Cuss him to-night, ef he's alive; an' ef his bed is soff' as wool, doan let him sleep for thinkin' of Miss Dory.

Here this young cuss, Fire Bear, is traipsin' around as he pleases, on nothin' more than his word that he'll appear for trial.

When dey goes ter de kitchen whar mammy am cookin' she cuss dem out an' run dem outen her kitchen.

He aint never whup ner cuss me an' do we had our fusses an' our troubles we trusted in de Lawd an' we got through.

Texas Smith looked on with an approving grin, and suggested, "Better shute the dam cuss."

Sometimes he'd lose his temper an' cuss, den he'd say right quick, 'God forgive me, I pray.'

She'd fuss at the sun fer comin' up, an cuss hit fer goin' down.

I recollect your 'May-day in the morning'—cuss me, the best comick song I ever heard.