Cussedness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cussedness:

If he had taken my warning in time, all would have been well; but for some reason or other—I suspect cussedness—he did not.

Some men learn the cussedness of whiskey by having a drunken father; and some by having a good mother.

I don't know how he felt when we quit, but I know I respected him—for his out and open cussedness and grit, if nothin' else.

The Southern rebel went with the current; the Northern rebel rowed against the current from pure, simple cussedness.

It is a disloyal act, and shows a prematoor leanin' tords cussedness that alarms me.

The gentleman means to take some of the cussedness out of him.

In some cases one can only impute a review of an unfavourable character to what the Americans call “pure cussedness.”

It's pure accident I happen to be here at all; accident which comes of unadulterated cussedness on the part of one of my horses.

Is it defects of administration, or a certain "cussedness" in the Scotch character, which resents any tightening of law?

I would jest have beat ye a bit fer yer cussedness, then mebbe after a while I'd fergive ye.