Custodial [adjective]

Definition of Custodial:

guarding, securing

Synonyms of Custodial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Custodial:

Sentence/Example of Custodial:

International parental kidnapping occurs when a parent takes a child to a different country in violation of another parent’s custodial rights.

She encourages them to get started with what’s called a “custodial” account — an investment account opened in a minor’s name by a parent or guardian.

The district is allowed to remain open per the state’s orders, but the school board and superintendent decided to close campuses because of a lack of staff, including substitute teachers, operational staff and custodial crew.

Anderson’s husband couldn’t do his custodial work from home, so it was on her to stay home with their 10-year-old son.

Coronel hopes the district does not leave too many retiree jobs vacant, because “as we bring kids to school campuses, in some areas, more employees are needed,” like custodial employees, she said.

Other measures recommended were the custodial care of the feeble-minded, and State control of the use of alcohol.

A certain sum would also be received from the families of some of the inmates of the training schools and custodial institutions.

Many cases of mental alienation improve promptly under custodial care, many need it all their lives.

The increase and classification of the custodial population here contemplated is a problem for administrative charity.

As they grow older they will be transferred to proper custodial institutions.