Customer [noun]

Definition of Customer:

buyer of goods, services

Synonyms of Customer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Customer:

Sentence/Example of Customer:

That version doesn’t have a disc drive and requires customers to purchase and download games digitally.

I suspect I’m one of many prospective customers considering a similar purchase this season.

Earlier this month the company reported its second-quarter results, revealing that it had more than 130,000 paying customers in the quarter, up 30% year over year.

One such senior engineer knew that Boeing was delivering Maxes to customers without a required alert in 2017 and 2018, yet didn’t notify FAA, the report said.

On one side, since March we have kept adding more customers.

Companies like JPMorgan Chase and ExxonMobil are already signed on as customers of IBM’s quantum hardware.

Instead of just storing their own data, customers can pay to access data from others and integrate it into their spreadsheets and machine learning apps, for example.

Drossos pointed out that operators are increasingly offering unlimited data to their customers, meaning there is no point in zero-rating specific services.

The demise of targeted ad tracking will force brands to take a more proactive, thoughtful approach to gathering customer data, but the short-term pain should give way to long-term gain.

While Ahrendts revamped the look and operations of stores, some employees and customers weren’t pleased with the changes.