Customers [noun]

Definition of Customers:

buyer of goods, services

Synonyms of Customers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Customers:

Sentence/Example of Customers:

Customers will do things in the name of the Federal Reserve System which they have never done before.

Customers brought guests, and, in their turn, the guests became good customers.

The law is very strict in its requirement of banks when paying the checks of customers.

But when Jess had lowered her umbrella and backed into the shop, she found several customers waiting at the counter.

Youll have to come into this store and share the business when you get older; and you might as well learn to judge customers now.

On the other hand, Vera Galloway was transformed into a demure-looking shop assistant waiting a customers' orders.

When you ran a tavern with an upstairs room for special customers you had to be tough, strong.

Among her customers was Marguerite Turquet, known as Malaga, who was slow in paying bills.

The tenants were glad to admit visitors as probable customers for postcards and photographs.

Apparently he was contented to sit on his piazza and see customers passing him by for the alluring bargains offered beyond.