Customizing [verb]

Definition of Customizing:

alter, change

Synonyms of Customizing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Customizing:

Sentence/Example of Customizing:

In addition, the app offers over 13 icon background styles with 15 colors each, along with other tools to build a customized experience like glyph styling and badges, for example.

Apple is letting users more substantially customize the home screen with iOS 14.

The answer is that you should definitely not only brand them but also customize them to make them even more appealing for your users.

This is because they use data to analyze the audience and then customize the advertisements as per their needs.

If you’re still having a 404 error on your site, make sure that you are customizing it while including a call-to-action to improve the user experience.

The indexing tool allows investors and asset managers to customize their portfolios to prioritize companies with a positive track record on issues like workforce diversity.

It’s no secret that the content you see in your Instagram feed and the way it’s arranged is customized for you.

A fun little feature is the seven-color internal LED which allows you to customize the unit’s look or use it as a nightlight.

The general idea is that once one of these very large AI models has been trained, it can actually be customized and employed by other researchers or companies with far fewer resources.

It is referred to as accurizing, and sporterizing, and customizing a piece.