Cutest [adjective]

Definition of Cutest:

perky, attractive

Synonyms of Cutest:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cutest:

Sentence/Example of Cutest:

So Sister Sallie ran in next door, and pretty soon she came back with two of the cutest puppy dogs Alice had ever seen.

In the innocence of our souls we honestly thought we had the smartest, cutest baby on earth.

Down in the old cedar-tree on the lawn is a nest of tiny blue robinstheyre just the cutest thingsdo come and see them!

Gibney's been married for five years and has two of the cutest kids you ever saw, and you know that takes money.

I haven't but the one I asked Mr. Hartman for, and they make the cutest penwipers for Christmas.

"And it's the cutest thing," put in the hitherto silent Desire Peasley, with enthusiastic suddenness.

"Cutest bird I ever seed 'cept the flicker," pronounced Snippet, whose straw-colored hair stood out like a halo.

I am going to buy some of the cutest little bungalow aprons to cook in, pink and blue.

Beyond that all the cutest experts in false genealogies had failed to carry it convincingly.

The cutest citizens say that this entirely depends on the manager's theory as to workpeople.