Cutlass [noun]

Definition of Cutlass:

cutting tool

Synonyms of Cutlass:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cutlass:


Sentence/Example of Cutlass:

The sword is a piece of wood shaped somewhat like a cutlass.

The others were lying flat in the shadow on the bulwarks, each with cutlass tightly clutched in hand.

Each man lay in his clothes with a weapon of death in his hand; Robinson with two, a revolver and a cutlass ground like a razor.

At one and the same moment the pistol exploded and the cutlass struck it and knocked it against the other side of the tent.

Now those two fingers are the ones you chopped off with your cutlass the night when the tent was attacked.

And drawing his cutlass from his belt, Michael bounded round the buttress behind which the young girl had promised to wait.

I thought we were lost, and, catching up my cutlass, fell on them in flank.

Grampus had armed himself with a musket and cutlass, but Rockets had managed to get hold of two cutlasses.

The first mate sprang forward to encounter him, and the next moment was brought to the deck by a blow from his cutlass.

Revolver and cutlass played an active part, but the slaves seemed absolutely indifferent to life.