Cutouts [noun]

Definition of Cutouts:

person who negotiates

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Sentence/Example of Cutouts:

His house there is a museum with a large collection of his paintings and cutouts, along with some of the recognizable objects he pictured over and over.

The assemblages’s see-through portals include a doggy door and intricate cutouts, but some possible passageways are blocked by wooden 2-by-4s or slabs of blank plywood.

In Major League Baseball, the teams begin a shortened season with stadium seats occupied by cardboard cutouts representing fans, except in the case of the Houston Astros, who use live human snipers.

Empty stadiums were filled with posterboards, stuffed animals and cardboard cutouts.

Skip the typical top crust and try this method for decorative pie crust cutouts instead.

That’s enough time so that if the characters are just cardboard cutouts after all that time, then you did something wrong, and the people you hired to adapt this thing and who were interested in it did something wrong.

Bateman sat stone faced amid a collection of cardboard cutouts, trading jokes with Kimmel after the host pointed out he was there.

The pencil is drawn along one edge of the cutout so that it will make lines as shown in Fig. 2.

Gault was holding up a large paper cutout of a human figure—a long, rangy man.

He would get the Professor returned by pressing the upper portion of the cutout flatly onto the desk surface.