Cuttings [noun]

Definition of Cuttings:

organism belonging to the vegetable kingdom

Synonyms of Cuttings:

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Sentence/Example of Cuttings:

The veins are mostly, especially in the lower cuttings, more free from impurities than those of Coleraine.

The Seaboard will sue the new railroad for damages for failure to have the tracks into the cuttings on time.

The perennials are propagated by dividing the roots or by young cuttings in spring, or by seeds.

Make the sauce from the bones and cuttings of the birds, add six spoonfuls of Espagnole sauce and a glass of Marsala.

The wastes are also utilized, being mixed with "shoddy" (wool from cloth cuttings or rags) to make woolen goods of a cheap grade.

It is well known that the gardener may make artificial cuttings of many kinds of trees and plants, and so increase his stock.

This method of propagation is by the making of cuttings or planting slips from its own twigs.

From this he extracted two or three newspaper cuttings and selected one, headed "German Official."

Not a shred was he likely to save up from the cuttings for an extra garment for a rainy day to come.

Tarling undid the ribbon, opened the package and found to his surprise a small pad of newspaper cuttings.